Key Tips On Maintaining Marble Surfaces

Marble is one of the most popular natural stones used on floors, counter tops, on walls and so many other surfaces due to its versatility. Although marble is a durable stone, it is prone to wearing out and getting tarnished if it is not properly taken care. It may chip off, get scratches due to the action of chemicals or even get stubborn stains on its surface. You should take great care of you marble surfaces by ensuring they are well cleaned and polished. This may require you to engage a professional marble polishing service provider to have the work done perfectly. The highlights below offer you some key tips on maintaining marble.

How to take care of marble surface

Cleaning the marbles on a regular basis

ghgfhfghfhgfhRegular cleaning of marble ensures there are no dirt or particles on its surface that may result to scratches or tarnishing it. You should use a clean, soft cloth dipped in warm water to clean marble surfaces. You should never us vinegar or any highly acidic or alkaline substance as it will etch the marble. Also, note using water alone for a long time as the sole cleaning substance will dull the marble. You need to buy some specially designed marble cleaning agents for proper cleaning to maintain the surfaces shiny.

Timely clearing of any spillage

Acidic liquids such as wine, juice, and soft drinks may cause stains on the marble surfaces if not cleaned immediately. This is because they will penetrate into it. You should always remove spills by blotting and absorbing the liquid with a clean, soft cloth. You are advised to avoid rubbing any spillage as you will be spreading it more.

Avoid placing objects directly on marble

The metallic parts of some items like clothes and pans may scratch marble surfaces. Thus, one should take care while placing such items on it or while sitting on the surfaces. You should use some mats or pads while placing hot items on marble to avoid direct contact with the surfaces. Also, use coasters while placing bottles or cans containing any acidic substance such as vinegar, juice, and wine on marble to prevent possible etching from those liquids in case they pour on it.

Regular polishing of marbles

Polishing restores to the marble its shiny appearance. You should hire a reputable and experienced marble polishing service provider for excellent work. Good polishing will give your marble surfaces a protective covering to keep off stains and any possible chemicals damage.

Using cleaning substances only meant for marbles

fhfhfghgfhgfhfghfghWhile cleaning marbles, you should always ensure the cleaning substance that you put to use is specifically designed for marbles. Some commonly used household cleaning agents are highly acidic or highly alkaline and may end up harming your marble if used on them. It is worth doing proper research on the cleaners you should use on your marble.

Marble maintenance is paramount for the classy and luxurious look that the shiny natural stone gives to your house. It is also cheaper than replacing the surfaces when they get so badly stained and chipped off.