Top Services Offered By Virtual Assistants

Today, the world of Internet has evolved, and now it can perform amazing work. People do not need to be physically in your office or company to work for you. Virtual assistants are staffs who perform various tasks for your business while in remote locations. In fact, most of them, most of them work from their homes and get connected to the Internet using various platforms and software. So, what are the various services they offer?

Services provided by virtual assistants

Administrative work

dfgdfgfdgdfgfdgfdgMost companies with little administrative work which can be handled virtually will do well with a virtual assistant who charges per hour. The company may decide to hire one to work for two hours a day. Such work may include keeping the diary, sending and responding to emails, scheduling appointments and tracking reminders among many other as agreed. Companies which work in contracts will do well in this as they can offer jobs to VAs on ‘as is available basis.’

Human resource work

Have you ever heard of ‘virtual HR services?’ Well, most companies do hire these services of handling staff details and keeping their files in order. They also perform the crucial role of preparing the payroll and remitting the statutory deduction as per the state’s requirements. Such companies do not have many staff to warrant an in-house human resource thus the need for a VA. The remote staff may not discipline the staff but will prepare the warning, dismissal and any other discipline related write up and send back for signing and issuing. They will also keep a copy on the staff’s file.


fdgfdgfdgfdgdfgfdEvery company whether small or big will require some form of accounts records. Today, most small and medium scale companies prefer to use virtual accountants who work as piece work at a time. Most are busy at the end of every month when balance sheet and income statements are being prepared. VAs doing the accounts work also help to calculate and pay taxes where possible. To make this seamless, they may use a software like QuickBooks which can be accessed on both sides.


There are hundreds of thousands of companies which need digital marketing experts. As a matter of fact, this is the most popular virtual assistant service offered. This is due to its ease of execution from any part of the world as long as the virtual assistant has skills and Internet connection. Digital marketing is detailed as it includes social media management which is popular in VA services.