Three dangerous bugs to keep off your house

We all need some time to hang out with friends, parties, cookout trips and relaxing to the maximum. However, this may not be possible with annoying pests around, as they too want to have a good time. You can be sure to expect more stinging, more swarming and more biting if you lack a pest control measure in place. Here are some popular pests that might require the services of a business in Pikesville, MD.


Mosquitoes are one of the major pests you would not wish to hear aaSdcsxcASof this summer. This could be because they are becoming more resistant to bug spray and citronella candles. As such, if you lack a pest exterminator you will be in for the effects that come along with mosquito bites. This will not only limit you from going outdoors but also have detrimental health effects. The several effects include infection with encephalitis, malaria, and west Nile virus.


While hanging around brushy areas and grassy areas we are likely to have tick bites. Like mosquitoes, ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and mountain spotted fever. To ensure that you are not victims of such never hesitate of having preventive measures around your home or outsourcing the services of an exterminator.

Bees and wasps

At times, we are victims of bee stings, but this should not be of much concern. Nevertheless, anytime you come across a beehive or a wasp nest under your roof you need to be alert as this is a sign of danger. This may be deadly because these creatures are too protective of their shelters. As so, trying to interfere with the hives or wasp nest may lead to serious stings.

aDScadsdvSsaIt is close to impossible to miss one or two bugs around your home. As such; you have to exercise safety measures that will keep you free from stings or bites. This include, wearing long sleeved clothes when going to bushy and grassy areas, do not interfere with bee hives and wasp nets, and most importantly examine your home for any signs of infestation. With such measures in place, you stay safe

It is also imperative to invest in preventive measures such as storing garbage properly, sealing holes and ensuring there is no standing water around your home. In case these measures fail to work, seek the services of a pest control agency.